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We, at DIAMOND PHOENIX WEB DESIGN offer Low Cost Web Design to the individual and small business. We specialize in Horse Farm Web Design.

Check out and compare our services and prices. You can not find any lower price for the same design services. 

We do NOT use "cookie-cutter" web pages or pre-made layouts. We DO have total CUSTOM design.

Now for how we coordinate design and payment:

1) You E-Mail or "Snail Mail" us any artwork, photos and/or clipart with a Worksheet completed plus a 50% deposit.

2) We design your web site and post it on the Internet under YOUR Domain Name, (which we set up as part of the service).*

3) You are notified by E-Mail your site is online for your inspection.

4) You E-Mail us any changes that need to be made.

5) We make final adjustments to your site, post it, and notify you by E-Mail.

6) You remit payment by "Snail Mail" within ten (10) days.

7) When we receive payment, we will register your site with a minimum of 25 Search Engines.

8) If payment is NOT received, we reserve the right to remove the web page from the internet.

9) Any further changes will be made on an "as-needed" basis.

* = Annual Maintenance fee of $50.00 required to keep your Domain Name active.

To see some of our designs, click on the LINKS button to the left.

We also can add video to your page! (E-mail or call for prices)

Check out these examples of our horses:


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